Clubs & Organizations

If you are interested in starting a club at LMHS, review the following documents on the process and procedures for creating and maintaining a club.

Starting Your LMHS Club

Student Activities Handbook

American Sign Language Club

Sponsor: Jacquiline Clegg

Room Number: 1-139

Description: Promote a better understanding of deaf culture and help students learn to communicate using American Sign Language. 

American Sign Language Honor Society

Sponsor: William Hobby 

Room Number: 1-144

Description: Students who demonstrate a passion and facility for ASL are eligible to join the prestigious ASL Honor Society.

Art Appreciation Club

Sponsor: Michele Dershimer

Room Number: 1-205

Description: Focuses on enriching the lives of students through art. Our club participates in field trips to local museums, galleries and festivals, engages in fun hands-on activities related to certain art styles, and learns from various guest speakers about their inspiration and techniques behind their artwork.

Association for Computing Machinery

Sponsor: Janie Slentz

Room Number: 1-239

Description: Provides an open source environment in which object-oriented programming and the computer sciences are encouraged in an educational and competitive manner.

Be the Change

Sponsor: Gisela Garcia

Room Number: 1-106D

Description: Be the Change is focused on empowering students to ensure a positive school culture where all students feel safe, not only physically, but also emotionally.  

Belief in Relief

Sponsor: Shawn Crisp

Room Number: 1-140

Description: To garner awareness on global natural disasters and help collect resources to help those suffering.

Best Buddies

Sponsor: Amanda Gaughan

Room Number: 1-110

Description: Best Buddies International is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development, and inclusive living for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).  


Sponsor: Laura Ohl

Room Number: 1-248

Description: Promotes the ideals of academic achievement, character service and leadership through school and community service projects.

Biology Olympiads

Sponsor: Alexandra Troia

Room Number: 1-261A

Description: To incubate instrest for students who love the field of Biology and who want to compete in various local, state and nationwide academic games.

Biology and Medicine Club (BAM)

Sponsor: Alexandra Troia

Room Number: 1-261A

Description: The purpose is to promote an interest in biology and medicine through fun activities like listening to interesting guest speakers, performing ecological experiments, going on field trips and participating in community service.

Brain Bowl

Sponsor: Steve DeSanto

Room Number: 1-257

Description: This club is for trivia aficionados. They compete against local schools and practice to achieve a better understanding of various subjects.

Chess Club

Sponsor: Joel Ortiz

Room Number: 1-172

Description: Promotes friendly competition and cultivates new friendships while learning the strategy of chess.

Drama Club

Sponsor: Rebecca Southworth

Room Number: 3-117

Description: Members raise money for main stage performances. Social events include dances, parties, and picnics throughout the year.

Essence Literary Magazine

Sponsor: Jason Jordan

Room Number: 1-142

Description: Members raise funds, select submissions, and assist with publishing poetry, prose, artwork, and photos.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Sponsor: Patrick Barrett

Room Number: 1-133A

Description: Open to students looking for a positive influence in their lives.

Florida Mock Trial

Sponsor: Lucy Duffey

Room Number: 1-203

Description: To promote an understanding of law and to encourage competition in the state and national mock trial sponsored by Florida Law Related Education. Help team members prepare for Civics senior year by understanding the judicial branch and case law.

French Honor Society

Sponsor: Mary Jerry

Room Number: 1-245

Description: Promotes interest in the French culture, lifestyle and language. French Honor Society members must meet National Standards and be recommended by their teacher; however, club membership s open to all interested students.

Global Community Club

Sponsor: Deborah Casillo

Room Number: 1-207

Description: Helping LMHS students from different countries and cultural backgrounds feel welcomed and comfortable. Providing English and grammar lessons and other services 

Gospel Choir

Sponsor: Dominique Baeta

Room Number: 3-121

Description: To uncover hidden talents and to also bring all minorities and different backgrounds of life together as one.  To sing and to bless souls and to add something more positive to Lake Mary and to also sing the gospel.

Impact Club

Sponsor: Jose Rivera

Room Number: 1-170

Description: Impact club's mission is to provide an environment of open communication and encouragement, working towards building a safer sense of community for the youth at Lake Mary High School.

Investment Club

Sponsor: Shawn Crisp

Room Number: 1-140

Description: We strive to help student understand the impact and economic importance of the stock market.

Jewish Student Union

Sponsor: Amanda Hoffman

Room Number: 1-121

Description: JSU facilitates regular club meetings at schools and meet during the lunch hour, before or after school; Programs include speakers from a variety of Jewish organizations, discussions on timely topics of interest to the participants and interactive activities– and of course, snacks are always served.  JSU welcomes all students regardless of religious affiliation.  In addition to the regularly scheduled school club meetings, JSU sponsors activities outside of school including Retreats, Citywide holiday parties, community service projects, ski trips, Friday night dinners, and other exciting events.

Key Club

Sponsor: Amanda Hoffman

Room Number: 1-121

Description: An organization dedicated to service and sponsored by Kiwanis International. Activities include Habitat for Humanity, campus cleanups, and charity drives.

Latinos in Action

Sponsor: Gilda Grau Carazo

Room Number: 1-188

Description: To uncover hidden talents and to also bring all minorities and different backgrounds of life together as one.  To sing and to bless souls and to add something more positive to Lake Mary and to also sing the gospel.

Law Club

Sponsor: Lucy Duffey

Room Number: 1-203

Description: A student-run club that meets several times a month to discuss legal stories/issues/cases of interest. The students prepare topics, mock trials, plan videos/moves to watch, and help organize Law Day.

Mu Alpha Theta

Sponsor: Rebecca Devor

Room Number: 1-233

Description: For math lovers. Members earn points by participating in competitions, tutoring, and raising money.

Mural Painting Club

Sponsor: Lucy Duffey

Room Number: 1-203

Description: Beautifying the campus and making LMHS a more positive atmosphere by painting inspirational quotes and pictures.

National Forensics League

Sponsor: Shawn Crisp

Room Number: 1-140

Description: This is a National Honorary Society that acknowledges pubic speaking skills, along with leadership skills in all aspects.

National Honor Society

Sponsor: Dayle Peabody

Room Number: 1-211

Description: To create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service to promote leadership, and to develop character.

Navy Junior ROTC

Sponsors: Francis Barth III, Craig Daniels

Room Number: Portables 12 & 13

Description: To instill in students the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.

Ocean Club

Sponsor: Kelly Lerza

Room Number: 1-206

Description: To raise awareness for the conservation of the ocean and inform students about the ocean.

Peer Connectors

Sponsor: Kym Gaudreau

Room Number: 1-160

Description: Peer Connectors are highly trained 11th and 12th grade students who agree to serve as role models, mentors, tutors, and friends to incoming students.  The Peer Connectors will meet with new students, in small groups, during New Student Orientation to give them vital information about our school as well as lead them through a series of fun and informative activities designed to help everyone become more comfortable and fully prepared for the first day of school.  The Peer Connectors will take new students on a tour of the school.  Some Peer Connectors will take parents on a tour of the school.  Peer Connectors will also guide parents and students on Back to School Night.

Photography Club

Sponsor: Kathy Tubbs

Room Number: 1-231

Description: To encourage students to embrace the Arts through photography.

Quill & Scroll

Sponsor: Shawn Crisp

Room Number: 1-140

Description: Honor Society for students involved in all aspects of Journalism.

Red Cross Club

Sponsor: Evelyn Martinez

Room Number: 1-107L

Description: To raise awareness and aid the American Red Cross

Students Against Drunk Driving

Sponsor: Lucy Duffey

Room Number: 1-203

Description: To promote an understanding of the prevalence of drunk driving and it’s negative effects on society, especially teens. To educate members on the importance of sobriety behind the wheel and being a good and safe friend. Inspire others to spread information beyond the club and think twice before making potentially harmful decisions. To bring a chapter of the nationally recognized student organization to LMHS.

Senior Class

Sponsor: Janice Knowles & Stephanie Jordan

Room Number: 4-205

Description: Come and participate in the various senior moments that will last a lifetime. You must be a senior. 

Spanish Honor Society

Sponsor: Rosario Melara & Laura Ohl

Room Number: 1-243

Description: The purpose is to stimulate interest in the study of Spanish and to create enthusiasm for an understanding of Spanish culture and civilization. Members tutor their peers in the language and serve the community through various projects.

Speech and Debate Team

Sponsor: Shawn Crisp

Room Number: 1-140

Description: The team competes in national tournaments and prepares its debates together as a team. A part of the National Forensics League and is great for college recognition.

Step Team

Sponsor: Kelly Lupis

Room Number: 1-177

Description: The Unity Revolutions step team is an auditioned performance group where members are selected in the fall and must meet all requirements until march of the following year. Step season is August-March. This is a highly disciplined, accountable and energetic competitive team. The team competes in many local events throughout the season including parades, school functions, shows, pep rallies, performances and competitions. 

Student Government

Sponsor: Kristin Sullivan

Room Number: 1-165

Description: LMHS flagship leader group.

Tri-M Music International Society

Sponsor: Dominique Baeta

Room Number: 3-121 

Description: Providing students the opportunity to become confident, professional, and successful performers through a solid foundation in music.


Sponsor: Jason Jordan

Room Number: 1-142

Description: Come participate in creating the 'Chrysomalus' the official yearbook of LMHS. 

Young Men of Excellence

Sponsor: Joel Ortiz & Curtis Smith, Jr.

Room Number: 1-172

Description: Young Men of Excellence is an innovative program designed in developing its members into successful leaders while promoting a way of life that exemplifies excellence. Our program empowers its students by establishing mentorship opportunities, team-building and helping students cultivate the necessary skills and strategies to achieve their goals.

Young Women of Excellence

Sponsor: Kelly Lupis

Room Number: 1-172

Description: Young Women of Excellence is an innovative program designed in developing its members into successful leaders while promoting a way of life that exemplifies excellence. Our program empowers its students by establishing mentorship opportunities, team-building and helping students cultivate the necessary skills and strategies to achieve their goals.

Youth in Government

Sponsor: Lucy Duffey

Room Number: 1-203

Description: Open to all students who are interested in learning more and participating in student government at the state level. This club works to help students become involved in YIG. (Check it out at online at Florida YIG).