Lake Mary's Wellness Task Force Featured on WFTV

April 04, 2022

Introducing Lake Mary's Wellness Task Force

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To manage the increase in need for students experiencing mental health challenges in the wake of COVID and the pressures of 24/7 social media culture, a group of Lake Mary HS students have taken it upon themselves to foster an open discussion about mental wellness. Lake Mary's Wellness Task Force has begun collaborating with Ali's Hope Foundation to support an effective messaging campaign highlighting the resources available to teens needing to navigate stress, anxiety, depression, or any other burdensome set of circumstances.

The task force has begun producing, recording, and publishing the Let's Get Real podcast to kickstart their initiative. These efforts were featured on an April 2nd broadcast of WFTV's Central Florida Students: A Cry for Help special. The special outlines the climate of need for mental wellness support that the pandemic has exacerbated.

The WFTV special is available here: Central Florida Students: A Cry for Help

  • LMHS students appear at 17:25 into the special.

The Wellness Task Force's podcast is available at the link or embed below and on Spotify.