Young Women of Excellence

Young Men/Women Of Excellence: Mission & Goals

Young Women of Excellence is an innovative program designed in developing its members into successful leaders while promoting a way of life that exemplifies excellence. Our program empowers its students by establishing mentorship opportunities, team-building and helping students cultivate the necessary skills and strategies to achieve their goals. Currently the Young Women of Excellence program is in six of the nine Seminole County high schools, collectively serving over 400 students.

Program Requirements

  1. Academic gpa of 3.00 or higher
  2. Positive behavioral standing
  3. Strong leadership qualities
  4. Teacher recommendation
  5. Member application
  6. Student interview

Program Opportunities

  • College visits

  • In-field career opportunities

  • Scholarship opportunities

  • Networking events

  • Campus recognition

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • College resume building

  • College recommendation letter

  • Financial education

  • Career readiness

  • Public speaking

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Character development

  • Team building

  • Group retreats

  • Mentorship & tutoring

Testimonials & Quotes

I find myself in an amazing, peaceful, non-judgmental, and heartfelt environment which radiates loads of positive energy. This class is always something I looked forward to which helped eased my mind off a typical stressful school day. Having the opportunity to be around different, amazing, talented, and beautiful young women, especially with the influence of an awesome teacher. Mrs. Lupis has qualities of an excellent mentor who is always very encouraging, motivating and helped enhance my personal growth in so many ways.

This program challenged me and took me out of my comfort zone. I learned to take risks and face my fears. I gained so much more confidence and have learned to embrace the principles of giving thanks and change. I have learned to adapt self-love and learned to stay true to myself. I have learned new life principles and how to stay responsible, engaged and committed; but most of all to hear and listen to different opinions and perspective on a variety of both regular and sensitive topics and issues.

This part of the class was an eye-opening experience and an opportunity that helped expand my mind. YWOE gave me this experience and its been a blessing ever since. It enhanced my growth process in becoming the strong, wise, independent and responsible young woman I aspire to be. I am looking forward to more wonderful experiences in the future with this program."

-Michelle Sarkodee- 11th grade

About Us

Young Women of Excellence Sponsor, Kelly Lupis

Kelly Lupis is entering her 13th year of teaching and her passion for connecting, influencing and guiding students continues to grow immensely throughout the years. As a certified personal fitness teacher Kelly has adapted the Yoga and meditation program at Lake Mary as well as the Young Women of Excellence program (YWOE).

In her YWOE class, students will learn to take risks, gain confidence and embrace the principles of gratitude and growth. Students will also learn to embrace self love, responsibility, commitment and most importantly listen and respect the difference of opinions of their fellow classmates.

Being involved in the YWOE program will give female students the opportunity to enhance and grow into becoming the strong, wise, confident and dependable Queens that are inside of each woman! The time spent in the classroom will provide positive change and self-reflection. This will grant opportunities for students to learn about themselves and others while developing into the best versions of oneself in all aspects of life!

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